The “IIBM Networking 2021” is an instance to know each others research and increase interdisciplinary colaborations. Will be held on December 21th virtually.

Important dates

Abstract/breakout/workshop submission deadline: December/14

Virtual event/stream: December/21

Presentations will be in English and Spanish to dont make the language a barrier to communicate your ideas and research.

Presenters can choose to present 1 or 5 minutes, whatever makes them feel more comfortable.



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Assistants can participate in all instances of the event but do not present.


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The postgraduate suggested format is a 3 slides 5 minutes presentation.

You can download and use this Template 3 slides pptx


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The undergraduate suggested format is a 1 slide 1 minute presentation.

You can download and use this Template 1 slide pptx

Breakout room proposal

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A breakout room is a discussion room about presentations topics. Its uses are ment to be questions about presentations, relaxed and informal discussion about the topic and its future. Breakout rooms will count with moderators that will stay in that room and assistants that can explore, join and stay in all available rooms.

Workshop proposal

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Workshops will take place after the networking, and are really flexible being the workshop speaker who sets everything about it. Assistants can register to available workshops during the networking.


Activity Time (GMT-3)
Start, Welcome to the event! 9:30-9:40
IIBM Introduction 9:40-10:00
Presentations Block 1
(keynote speaker and postgraduate presentations)
Break 11:15-11:30
Presentations Block 2
(keynote speaker, postgraduate and undergraduate presentations)
Lunch 13:00-14:00
Presentations Block 3
(keynote speaker, postgraduate presentations)
Break 15:30-15:45
Parallel Breakout Rooms discussion groups 1 15:45-16:30
Break 16:30-16:45
Parallel Breakout Rooms discussion groups 2 16:45-17:30
General breakout room and awards! 17:30-18:00
Final words and Farewell 18:00-18:15

The schedule is tentative.


The networking will take place virtually via Zoom. And will be public streamed and available via IIBMErs YouTube channel


This networking is a Biological and Medical Engineering postgraduate students initiative, grouped in IIBMErs. Supported by the Institute for Biological and Medical Engineering IIBM. You can contact us using GitHub issues.